12 Month


The 12 Month Internet Millionaire

Here is just some of what you will learn: The ONLY type of Information Products that can make you a millionaire (If your info product is NOT on his list you're never going to make the BIG BUCKS!) How to OWN the formula to any dietary supplement in 10

Forecast and Budget Builder Excel  v.2 1

The Forecast and Budget Builder Excel is a streamlined tool for developing a 3 year business forecast and a 12 month budget. It requires minimal inputs and generates Optimistic to Pessimistic forecasts for your business.


HS Calendar  v.2.70

HS Calendar is a utility solution that will display a window that can be sized to display up to 12 month (any width/height ratio). The Calendar window can be sized to display up to 12 month (any width/height ratio).

AcreSoft Calendar  v.2011

A software for birthdays, anniversaries, appointments etc. Contains 12 month calendar pages, a Multi-Year Calendar, and a scheduler for appointments. It has a page for printing out pictures for your Calendar, with your favorite words on the picture.

MyToolbarCalendar  v.2.0

This program is a unique approach to PC calendaring and will provide the user with an autohiding full 12 month view whenever a calendar is needed. No mouse clicks required!

Polenter Desktop Calendar  v.1.16

Polenter Desktop Calendar is a task planner for Windows with a 12 month calendar. Always during start of Windows it lists all tasks, which are urgent for that day. In case, there is additionally time of day in task defined,

TrafficPal 2011  v.

TrafficPal gives the user access to over 7,000 traffic cameras to keep you informed about what’s happening on the roadways right now, nationwide. This app available on a 12 month subscription from the time of purchase.

Word Template Diary Creator  v.1.6.6

1.You can create a full year 12 month Calendar in Word. 2.And you can create a diary every day. it will be link to Calendar.3.Yan can setting some contain fot every day.

Flip_Themes_Package_Lively_New_Year  v.1.0

Wish God gives You: 12 Month of Happiness, 52 Weeks of Fun, 365 Days Success, 8760 Hours Good Health, 52600 Minutes Good Luck, 3153600 Seconds of Joy!

Calendar Refill Templates TimeWorkX 8.5x11-US-2012  v.2012

Print It - Punch It - Get Organized - Bestworkx Time Management System Printable PDF eBook.

DetachPipe  v.8.0

Make Microsoft Outlook faster, more stable and easier to backup with DetachPipe - the email attachment processor. DetachPipe detaches email attachments, leaving a clickable link in place. Use filename placeholders to generate new names

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